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What I Do

Interface Design

Interface design deals with the process of developing a method for two (or more) modules in a system to connect and communicate.

UX Design

User experience design is any aspects of a user's experience with a given system.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design is about shaping digital things for people’s use & designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.

Web Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

Mobile Design

Designing interfaces and experiences for mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc.

Frontend Development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet

  • Musique


    Relay is a popular IRC client application for the iPhone and iPad. Coming soon to the appstore...

  • HomeBuyer app by Cashcall


    Relay is a popular IRC client application for the iPhone and iPad. Coming soon to the appstore...

  • Phone Calling app for iPad

    Conference Calling App

    This application was designed and built to be used to replace old and clunky phone systems in restaraunts and businesses. With an array of innovative and new features for calling, this app really changes the paradigm of having a phone conversation.

    Call, log, remind, track, and organize.

  • Advanced web based CRM System

    Web based CRM

    This popular CRM was transformed from a poorly designed Windows application to a beautiful and functional web client used by hundreds of thousands of businesses across the US and Europe. Along with its mobile friendly client, users can access and modify information from anywhere at any time with ease.

  • Relay IRC Client


    Relay is a popular IRC client application for the iPhone and iPad. Coming soon to the appstore...

  • Cards from Hell adult iOS game

    Adult iOS game

    Cards From Hell (name pending) is a fun adult card game built specifically for iOS devices. The game borrows from similar games like Apples-to-apples. Score points by submitting the most foul and inapporpriate answers to questions.

    This game is best played by multiple people in the same room and should be available to download later this year.

  • Dressed Nicely web application

    Fashion Network

    Dressednicely.in is a unique social netork that allows members to share photographs of their daily outfits with others. The web application also allows its users to share links to the retailors of their outfits and accessories so others can purchase items that are appealing to them.

  • Eventer for iPhone


    Eventr is a social calendar application that tracks your interests and suggests activities for your nights & weekends. While most popular social networks and apps tell your friends where you've been, Eventr is here to tell them where you will be.

  • textPlus

    textPlus v5 proposal

    This textPlus version 5 proposed design was passed over in favor of a more flat style of design. This design focuses on simplicity and smooth interactions an animations.

Current Project

Current Project: Ujazo

My Experience

In Orange County
Full time freelancer
March 2013 - Present
at usability.pro
UI/UX Specialist
March 2012 - March 2013
Mobile product designer
November 2011 - March 2012
In Salt Lake City
Part time freelancer
May 2010 - November 2011
Graduated May 2011