Kick-ass UI & UX Designer

And an awesome front-end developer

What I do

Wire Framing

Developing the basic structure of a website or application and establishing user flows.

User Interaction Design

Exploration of unique & advantageous ways users can interact with the website or application.


Building out designs or wires into an interactive prototype to further explore and understand the UX.


Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with enough skill to create semantic static websites.

Product Presentation

Presenting a product in a way that communicates with the viewer to help them understand its purpose.

Meet with clients

I always try to work hands-on with clients, always leaving open communcation channels and discussing feedback.

Snipz audio & photo slideshows

Client: Todd Matheson

Reebeet Mobile Financing


Musique. Discover Independant Artists

Client: self

Babbles, an audio social network.


Recently listened to

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